Digital X-Rays

Using digital technology, we are able to take x-rays with up to 90% less radiation than from older conventional equipment.

Thanks to new digital technology, we are now able to take x-rays with up to 90% less radiation than older conventional equipment. In addition, this new technology generates images that are diagnostically superior to x-ray film. Retrievability and portability are also greatly enhanced. Environmentally safe, the digital x-rays require no developing solutions, fixers, cleansers, or x-ray mounts.

Our office utilizes the latest digital technology from Dexis Digital Imaging Systems, a world-wide leader in dental technology.

One of our most important dental tools has become the digital camera. In addition to the traditional intraoral digital photography, our office utilizes a complete professional photo studio. We utilize the Nikon D700 which boasts a 16.2 megapixel sensor that captures images with edge-to-edge sharpness and incredible color.

The camera images are used for diagnosis, patient communication, treatment planning, treatment confirmation, shade matching, imaging, and lecture purposes. We have hundreds of before and after images to view of nearly every type of dental procedure.

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