Quality Dental Plan

Offers valuable savings on annual exams, teeth cleanings, even teeth whitening, and x-rays, as well as significant discounts on other dental procedures.

Quality Dental Plan (QDP) is designed to provide you and your family with savings on dental care, without the need of insurance coverage. QDP has no ongoing monthly premiums, no hidden or misleading fees, and no service caps. The savings on your dental care with QDP will provide you the peace of mind knowing your whole family's dental needs are being taken care of.

  • No monthly premiums
  • No annual limits
  • Savings on all procedures
  • Immediate availability for all employees & family members
  • No paperwork hassles or dental restrictions

With traditional insurance, employees deal with complicated claims forms, monthly premiums, limited treatments, deductibles and annual maximums. But QDP makes it simple. You can cover their full preventive care for the entire year – and provide significant discounts on all further treatment.

Find more information at http://qualitydentalplan.com/

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier, more precise smile

Part of our commitment to serving our patients includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs.

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